Client Feedback

“I cannot thank you enough for the high quality leadership training and experiences that you have provided over the past two years. The cluster leadership programme led by John Yates has been enormously beneficial to our senior team, our school and to the children. He combines challenge, support, new ideas and high quality thinking, reflection and planning time in a wonderful non-threatening way.”
(West Sussex Headteacher)

“The programme has enabled my school to develop a really strategic view of the educational landscape and has enabled us time to ‘think’ and ‘reflect’ and to move forward as a unified SLT. You continually reminded us of key messages, that ‘change is a process and not an event’ and when ensuring the very best for children there can be ‘no excuse, no compromise’.”
(Surrey Headteacher)

“It wasn’t until I started engaging with the messages and support that you gave on your courses, that I was able to see a clear way forward as an effective leader. You deserve immense credit for the valuable contribution that you and your organisation make to school leadership.”
(Enfield Headteacher)

“Can I just say on behalf of all my SLT and middle leaders how much we have appreciated your input and advice over the past three years. Our school is so much better now because of your training and the magical way in which you facilitate discussion and challenge with your well thought out and timely questions. You have enabled us to grow as a leadership team together and to change the way we do things. I am looking forward to getting our Ofsted as I know that we are embodying so much of what you have brought to us in the way of excellent practice.”
(Lancashire Headteacher)

“Mike led yet another immensely valuable session. He challenged us to think hard about how to improve our teamwork and to clarify our roles and responsibilities. In addition, he got us to explore some of the sensitive issues that have been holding us back. We have made such progress, as a team, in the eighteen months that we have been working with Mike. Very many thanks for everything you do to support us.”
(Islington Headteacher)

“The regular updates on national developments and his ability to help us think and plan strategically is a key reason for our success – from unsatisfactory  to outstanding in four years. Sincere thanks from us all.”
(Rotherham Headteacher)