Cluster Leadership Programme (phase one)
6 days – one day per half-term for high quality structured and strategic thinking and planning time for heads with their deputy and/or assistant heads. Clusters can be up to 30 schools.

Cluster Leadership Extension Programme (phase two onwards)
6 days – one day per half term, which builds upon the phase one 6-day leadership programme, for heads with their senior teams. This not only continues to provide strategic planning time but also focuses on the issues and challenges in greater depth.

Senior leadership briefings
Termly half-day update sessions which keep senior leaders both up-to-date and ahead of national developments. Opportunities for reflection and discussion are provided. At a time of rapid change these briefings have been immensely appreciated and, in some instances, provide a continuity for those who have worked with John Yates International in the programmes described above.

Senior leadership/middle leadership programme
This programme consists of 3 half-day sessions for the key middle leaders of the school together with the appropriate member(s) of SLT with whom they have the closest professional relationship.The approach typically involves 3 or 4 middle leaders, attending with one or two members of the SLT, who together may be seen as being the major drivers for taking teaching and learning and other aspects of school improvement forward across their school.The involvement of SLT member(s) and a small team of 3 or 4 key middle leaders has real potential for the development of leadership relationships and capacity. It also enables the interpretation of the programme’s messages within the everyday context of the individual school, thus maximising its impact and sustainability. There are also valuable opportunities to consider joint practice development across schools.

School based programmes focused on developing teaching and learning
These 2 or 3 full-day or half-day sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual schools. The focus, for many of the schools with whom we are currently working, is on achieving a greater school-wide consistency of high quality teaching and learning – which requires ever improving teamwork and collaboration between all leaders and managers.

Bespoke training and consultancy for heads, SLTs, middle leaders and governing bodies
Customised development activity specifically designed to meet the unique needs of leadership groups within individual schools.

For governing bodies in changing times
Sharply focused two or three hour sessions with governing bodies enabling governors, working with their headteachers, not only to be updated on national developments but also to have time to consider how they can best support their own school’s improvement process.